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In Lanteria HR Help Center, you can learn how to deploy, configure and use the Lanteria HR solution.

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  • To search for a phrase, you need to enter it in quotation marks in the search box. If the search term is "employee feedback," Help Center returns all topics with the phrase "employee feedback".
  • By default, the OR search is performed if you type multiple words without enclosing them in quotation marks. This means that all topics that have any of the words specified in the Search box will be found with the first word in the query having a higher priority. If you use multiple words without quotes, it is recommended that the main word is the first one.
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  • The following words will be ignored during search:
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also been for in may on the until you
among between found include me only their use  
an but from into med or then was  
and by had is more other there we  
are can has it most over these were  


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