360 Feedback Reviews Workflow
  • 27 Oct 2023
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360 Feedback Reviews Workflow

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This topic covers the prerequisites, a schematic diagram, and a description of the typical 360 Feedback review process in Lanteria HR.

360 Feedback Reviews Prerequisites

360 Feedback

  • Reviewer groups if you want to use custom reviewer groups, in addition to the predefined reviewer groups (managers, peers, and subordinates).
  • External reviewers to specify external reviewers (reviewers that are not Lanteria HR users) if you are going to use custom reviewer groups with external reviewers.
  • 360 Feedback External Reviews Self-Service Site Setting to specify the URL of the Self-Service site where a 360 Feedback form for external reviewers is deployed.


  • Competency areas which will be used to group competencies by area.
  • Competency groups which are second-level groups in the framework that cover more specific sets of skills within competency areas.
  • Competencies to be able to define competencies for competency groups.
  • Competency levels to be able to specify competency levels in employee assessment during performance reviews, manager ongoing assessments and job interviews.
  • Competency level descriptions to be able to provide assessment participants with a clear vision of what actions and behavior are expected for each level of every job role competency.
  • Competency criteria types to define types of competency criteria.
  • Competency criteria to be able to define particular criteria for each competency so that the person responsible for assessment will assess each criterion and the total competency score will be calculated as the average of the criteria scores.
  • Job competencies to be able to define competencies for job roles.
  • Competency importance to define relative importance of competencies.
  • Additional competency settings:
    • Competency Assessment Method that defines how competencies will be assessed.
    • Competency Score Calculation that defines which assessments will be included in the final score calculation
    • Enable Weighted Groups if you to use different weight of competency groups to fine-tune the relevance of your overall scores.
    • Enable Manual Group Assessment if you need a separate score to be set manually for each competency group during assessment
    • Allow Manual Assessment Date if you want to be able to set the assessment date manually.

360 Feedback Reviews  Workflow

The following diagram illustrates the typical 360 Feedback Review process.360 Feedback Review process

360 Feedback Reviews Workflow Description


360 Feedback review is evaluation of the level of achievement of employee’s competencies, which is performed by employee’s colleagues and/or external reviewers. Employee’s self-assessment may be either included or excluded from the 360 Feedback review, depending on whether you want to compare the employee’s self-assessment with assessment of the colleagues. This evaluation gives a good idea of the gaps in the employee’s competencies. Reviewers may be internal (from predefined reviewer groups, such as managers, peers, subordinates, or from custom reviewer groups), that is Lanteria HR users, or external (reviewers that are not Lanteria HR users).

A 360 Feedback review, both internal and external, is based on a predefined performance review template as well as on a predefined performance review workflow. Therefore, HR does not need to create a performance review form template or a review workflow for this process. The predefined review form for the 360 Feedback review can be customized if necessary, but for this type of review, you can only include a section with Introduction and custom fields if need be (other types of review form sections will not work with 360 Feedback reviews). Responsible people in the predefined workflow, which are supposed to fill in the form, are based on assigned assessors for the 360 Feedback review and the order in which these responsible people fill in the form does not matter in this type of review.

Starting a 360 Feedback review round and selecting assessors

This workflow begins with HR who launches a 360 Feedback review round and fills in the 360 Feedback review round preferences, including filters by company, country, location, org unit and/or job role (to define employees whose competencies will be evaluated in this round), reviewer groups that define colleagues who will be assessors, number of assessors in each reviewer group, whether self-assessment is performed, and other details. Reviewer groups may be of the following types:

  • Internal – Any reviewers from the predefined reviewer groups (managers - employees who are specified as the manager on the card of the employee who is being evaluated in the review, including additional managers if the Include Additional Managers check box is selected; peers – employees who have the same manager as the employee who is being evaluated in the review; and subordinates – employees for whom the employee that is being evaluated in the review is specified as the manager on the employee card) or from custom reviewer groups of the Internal type that are Lanteria HR users.
  • External Reviewers that are not Lanteria HR users, which can be assigned to custom reviewer groups of the External type.

With a 360 Feedback review round, the review forms are not generated yet at this point. Only after reviewers have been selected/adjusted and approved, the review forms will be generated.

Selecting or adjusting reviewers

After the review preferences have been specified by HR, assessors for each employee in the review round must be selected or verified/adjusted if already assigned, and the 360 Feedback review still needs to be approved by HR before the assessors begin to fill the review form.

When starting a 360 Feedback review round, HR specifies how assessors for the review will be selected:

  • If the Auto Select Assessors check box is selected, the random assessors will be assigned automatically, based on the organization structure. The number of assigned assessors (managers, peers, and subordinates, or reviewers from custom reviewer groups, internal or external) is based on the review preferences specified by HR when starting a 360 Feedback review round. In this case, HR only needs to review the suggested list of employees and edit the list if necessary.
  • If the Auto Select Assessors check box is cleared, the assessors must be specified manually. In this case, HR has two options: HR either assigns assessors manually or sends a request to employees or managers to specify the list of their assessors themselves. If a request is sent to employees or managers to specify assessors, they receive an email notification about it. In both cases, HR should review the final list of assessors and make changes if necessary.

Approving and generating 360 Feedback Forms

After the list of assessors has been selected, and other options are set, HR reviews, and then approves the review for each employee in this 360 Feedback review round to generate a review form for filling in by clicking Feedback Forms on the 360 Feedback review round, and then clicking Approve and Generate Forms next to each employee. Alternatively, HR has the ability to approve all pending 360 Feedback reviews at once as well as generate review forms for them by clicking Approve and Generate Forms at the top of the page.

Filling in the 360 Feedback review form

After a 360 Feedback reviews have been approved and forms have been generated for each employee being evaluated, the assigned assessors, including the employee being assessed if in the review preferences the self-assessment was included, can start to fill in the 360 Feedback review form. Internal reviewers, fill in the generated 360 Feedback form in Lanteria HR. External reviewers, if assigned, receive an invitation to evaluate the employee in an email that has a link to an external 360 Feedback form, deployed on a Self-Service site. In a 360 Feedback review, assessors can fill in the review form simultaneously; the order is not predefined in the 360 Feedback review workflow.

Each assessor opens the generated 360 Feedback review form and clicks Fill Section to fill in the section with employee’s competencies. On the Competency Assessment form, for each competency, the assessor selects the level of its achievement and, optionally, types a comment. Then the assessor clicks Save to save the assessment and clicks Submit Review to submit the filled in review form.

After all assessors have submitted their reviews, the results of evaluation are saved on the 360 Feedback review form for each assessor, and the form becomes non-editable.

Evaluation results

The results of evaluation are available in the 360 Feedback review report, which can be viewed for the whole review round to see aggregated results of evaluation (go to Performance > 360 Feedback, and then click Result Report. next to the 360 Feedback review round) or individually per employee (click Feedback Forms in the 360 Feedback Rounds window, and then click Result Report next to an employee). By default, only HR has access to evaluation results for the whole review round. HR analyzes the aggregated or individual 360 Feedback review results, and then shares the results with the colleagues if necessary, for example, by printing out the report. Additionally, HR can run this report while a 360 Feedback review round is still in progress to see intermediate results of evaluation. In the Employee role, an employee can see the feedback that they provided  by going to My Performance > My 360 Feedback, clicking the My Feedback tab, and then clicking Result Report for the required review round.

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