About Core HR
  • 13 Feb 2023
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About Core HR

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Article Summary

The Core HR module deals with all the fundamental functionality for HR management, such as defining the company organization structure, working with employee information, documents and processes. The target audience for this section is HR specialists who will be responsible for managing these tasks.

This section of the user guide is intended for specialists with basic knowledge of SharePoint and HR processes. As a prerequisite to working with it, it is recommended to get acquainted with the Lanteria HR User Interface part of the guide.

In the Core HR module you can work with the following Lanteria HR functions:

  • Manage the company org unit structure
  • Maintain the employee database
  • Store the company and employee documents, track missing and expiring documents
  • Manage the HR processes
  • Process the OnBoarding and OffBoarding action items
  • Set up approval workflows and manage approval requests
  • Manage news and announcements
  • Report on turnover, organizational changes and so on

Before starting the work with the Core HR module itself you need to perform the initial setup as described in the Core HR Settings part of the guide.

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