Add New HR Administrator
  • 06 Apr 2023
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Add New HR Administrator

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Article Summary

To add a new HR administrator, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > SharePoint Settings and under Users and Permissions, click Site permissions.
  2. Next, click the ES HR group name.
  3. On the page that opens, click New.
  4. If you are using Office 365 (Microsoft 365) authentication, type in the Office 365 account name (usually email address) of the user the access is being granted to. Please note that there is no account validation in this case, so make sure to type the account name correctly. Otherwise, the access won't be granted. If you are using Windows authentication (local Active Directory), select the user account and click Share.

For the user to be able to work with Lanteria HR, the user account must be assigned to an employee.


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