Assigning External Trainings
  • 31 May 2023
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Assigning External Trainings

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The external trainings are the trainings and training materials that are not stored in the Learning Catalog, but can still be attended or studied by the employees.

The employees and Training Managers can assign the external trainings from the employee's personal development plan. The employee can open it from the My Learning > My Development Plan. The Training Manager can access the employee's plan from the employee card by clicking the Development Plan button on the Learning tab.

Follow these steps to assign an external training from the employee's development plan:

  1. Click the Assign External Activity button.
  2. The assignment dialog will open. 
  3. Enter the name of the external training or training material that is being added to the development plan into the Title field.
  4. Select the development need associated with this external training from the drop-down list in the Development Need field.
  5. Select the category the training belongs to from the drop-down list in the External Category field. The external training categories are set up in the Settings and Configuration > Learning section.
  6. Select the current status of the training – Not Started, In Process, or Completed - from the drop-down list in the Status field.
  7. Enter the start and due dates for the training into the Start Date and Due Date fields, respectively. Enter the completion date into the Completion Date field, if relevant.
  8. If you are assigning a training material that is available through the Internet, enter the material's URL into the E-learning Link field.
  9. Select the currency for the course to be paid in from the drop-down list in the Currency field.
  10. Enter the external training cost into the Cost field.
  11. Enter the description of the training into the Description field.
  12. Click OK.

The training will be added to the employee's development plan.

The Cost, Currency and External Category fields are only visible when the user is filing a request for an external training using the Add Request for External Training form. After the request is approved, these fields are copied to the corresponding development activity. If a request is being created for an activity in the Learning Catalog or a training event, these fields are hidden.

If there is a link available for the training, the employee will be able to open it from the development plan by clicking the Launch Course button.

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