CaSS Core Version Compatibility
  • 03 Nov 2023
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CaSS Core Version Compatibility

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Use the following table to inspect the changes made in each Candidate Self-Service version. The table also shows based on which Lanteria HR core version the Candidate Self-Service version can be installed.

Candidate Self-Service VersionCore VersionChanged in Candidate Self-Service
1.1.3623.4.1 and higherThe Career Portal Application Statistics is available to track the applicant progress through the application form steps.
1.1.3422.4.4 and higherA new Multiple Records action type can now be used in the HR processes and assigned to the candidate under My Actions.
1.1.3322.2.5 and higherLanteria HR is integrated with Adobe Sign. HR or Recruiting Manager can send the candidate documents to Adobe Acrobat Sign, which makes them available for candidates through Candidate Self-Service.  After clicking Sign, the candidates are redirected to the Adobe signing page.
1.1.3221.4.5 and higherThe Career Portal Invitation button is now available from the candidate card, enabling the user to send invitation to Candidate Self-Service to a candidate. After logging in, all the candidate's information will be available through the Candidate Self-Service.
1.1.3121.4.4 and higherLanteria HR Integration with Microsoft Teams through CaSS. and higherFor highly-sensitive and/or senior level roles, there is an option to publish an unlisted (hidden) job opening to the candidate self-service portal. The job opening works as a published one, however applicants need to be provided with the unique URL in order to apply.
The Career Portal Invitation button is now available from the candidate card, enabling the user to send invitation to Candidate Self-Service to a candidate.
 The Candidate Self-Service can be configured to fetch Seek publishing job openings as an addition to main (configured) publishing.
Captcha is added to the Change password page. Enable the ShowCaptcha setting for it to be used.
Candidates can apply to the job openings using their Seek profile.  Candidates will automatically sign-up to the Lanteria Candidate portal with relevant information automatically populated and their resume attached.
Use the configuration.json file to set up requirements for the password complexity applied when registering new users. and higherFor the Job Target integration, the Tracking Pixel has been implemented. Tracking Pixel is a customer specific snippet of code that would be added to the ‘Thank You’ page of the application process.
Fixed an issue which allowed uploading files with 0 size through the Candidate Self-Service.
The interview Additional Information/Instructions will be displayed on the My Applications tab of Candidate Self-Service. and higherSecurity improvement - defending against the cross-site request forgery in ASP.NET Core.


4.4.157 and higherThe Useful Links (former Company Links) are now available from the home page.
Captcha can be turned on for the Candidate Self Service login and registration forms. - 4.4.156After submitting the 360 Feedback, the following message will be displayed: Your 360 Feedback review has been successfully submitted. - 4.4.151The Submit Application button spelling is now correct. the candidate status changing based on candidate answers is set up, the status is changed correctly.


4.4.141 - 4.4.144The job opening description formatting is rich text in Lanteria HR. The defined formatting will be also available in Candidate Self Service.
If the user attempts to apply for a closed job opening from existing draft or be following a saved link, he or she will be informed that the vacancy is closed. - 4.4.140The job offers can be accepted and rejected without issues.
The candidates can submit applications with attached documents without issues. - 4.4.135The security has been improved to make the system, including Candidate Self-Service, completely protected from the cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability. - 4.4.132When the user is trying to sign a deleted document, the following error message will display: The document was removed. Please contact your recruiter for the details.
After signing or declining a document, it will be still displayed under My Documents with the corresponding status.
If the document title isn't empty, it will be displayed instead of the filename. Integration was implemented. This functionality was added to the Candidate Documents page that can be opened from the candidate card. A candidate can see and sign documents via candidate self-service. As a result, the document status is updated in Candidate Documents on the candidate card and the document is signed.
The date was displayed in the format of the selected locale. - 4.4.129For the companies with a big candidate load, there is an option to use the SQL mode.
The job offers in the status Pending will not be displayed in the candidate self-service.
The confirmation message in case of Work History or Education form closing will display.
The layout of the Education and Job History sections in case of long values has been improved. creating a job opening or a candidate, you can specify several locations. Locations specified by candidate through Candidate Self-Service are copied to the candidate card created in Lanteria HR.
The internal error message related to notification sending is not displayed to the candidate. - 4.4.123Candidate documents can be uploaded through Internet Explorer without issues.
Extended lookups can be used for the Job Details section of the Job Opening Details page.
Candidates can apply for the job openings without the job opening code. and higherAny fields  from the Job Openings list can be displayed in the Job Details section of the Job Opening Details page.
Field descriptions can be displayed for the fields included into the application form.
Under My Actions, the process title and assignee are not displayed to the candidate.
The action completion confirmation text has been improved.
Time value for the Due Date field has been hidden.
There is an ability to set a timezone in which all dates with time are displayed.
Candidates can work with the HR process actions of the following types: Upload Document, Fill Form or Task. job opening start date is displayed correctly.
The candidates cannot apply for the same job opening twice. The only exception is if the job opening is reopened.
When the user clicks outside the form during filling in education/work history data, the form is not closed and the entered data is not lost.

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