Competency Criteria
  • 03 Jul 2023
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Competency Criteria

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Each competency can be assessed in more detail than it is allowed by just selecting a general employee's competency level. You can establish particular criteria for each competency and the person responsible for assessment will assess each criterion and the total competency score will be calculated as the average of the criteria scores.

You need to set up Competency Criteria Types before creating the competency criteria themselves.

Follow these steps to set up the competency criteria:

  1. Go to Settings > Settings and Configuration > Performance.
  2. Click Competencies in the left panel and click Edit next to the Competency Criteria setting name on the Advanced tab.
  3. The Competency Criteria list will open with criteria grouped by competency.
  4. Click the new item button to add a competency criterion.
  5. Enter the criterion name, which will be displayed during the assessment process, into the Title field.
  6. Select the appropriate criterion type from the Criteria Type drop-down list.
  7. Enter a description for the criterion into the Description field.
  8. Select the competency that will be assessed based on this criterion in the Competency field.
  9. Add all the job roles this criterion is relevant for in the Job Roles field.
  10. Alternatively, if the criterion is relevant for all job roles, select the Applied to All Job Roles check box.

During the assessment process, you will be able to assess each competency criterion.

To use this assessment type you need to select Criteria Based as the Competency Assessment Method.

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