Create Lanteria HR Backup Package
  • 24 Feb 2023
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Create Lanteria HR Backup Package

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Article Summary

To create the Lanteria HR backup, you are to perform the following two steps:

Download Solution Files

The first step in the backup process is downloading the Lanteria HR solution files. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Access the SharePoint WFE of the farm, where Lanteria HR is installed.
  2. Download the solution files from farm solution storage. This can be done with the following PowerShell script:


    $solutioname = " " #soltuion name here

    $path = " " #destination folder path

    $farm = [Microsoft.sharepoint.administration.spfarm]::Local

    $solution = $farm.Solutions[$solutioname]

    $file = $solution.SolutionFile

    $file.SaveAs($path +"/" + $solutioname)

    Required solution files:

    • Lanteria.EffectiveStaff.wsp
    • SharePointLearningKit.wsp

Back up the Content Database

After the solution files have been downloaded, proceed to creating the content database backup.

  1. Access the SharePoint WFE of the farm, where LanteriaHR is installed.
  2. Disable the custom features with the following PowerShell scripts:

    $webURL = " " #URL of the LanteriaHR site, i.e. http://hr-uat.test/es/

    $siteURL = " " #URL of the parent LanteriaHR site collection, i.e. http:// hr-uat.test

    Disable-SPFeature -URL $siteURL -confirm:$false

    Disable-SPFeature -URL $webURL -confirm:$false

    Disable-SPFeature -URL $webURL -confirm:$false

  3. Check the content Database Name of the parent LanteriaHR site collection using Central Administration > Application Management > View All Site Collections.
  4. Access the SharePoint farm SQL instance with SQL Management Studio.
  5. Select and back up the content database.
  6. Select and back up SharePointLearningKit Database.
  7. Select and back up ESDB_<guid> database.
  8. Enable the features back:

    Enable-SPFeature -URL $siteURL

    Enable-SPFeature -URL $webURL

    Enable-SPFeature -URL $webURL

After running the steps above, you should get the following files:

  • Lanteria.EffectiveStaff.wsp
  • SharePointLearningKit.wsp
  • Content Database backup
  • SharePointLearningKit Database backup (for the Learning module only)
  • ESDB Database backup

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