Create Quantitative Goal
  • 29 May 2024
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Create Quantitative Goal

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Follow these steps to create a quantitative goal:

  1. Go to Performance > Goals > Company Goals
  2. Click the Add Goal button. 
  3. Enter the goal title into the Title field.
  4. Select the business area the goal is related to from the drop-down list in the Business Area field.
  5. Enter the date when the work on the goal is to start into the Start Date field.
  6. Enter the date when the goal is to be achieved into the Due Date field.
  7. Enter the relative importance of the goal, in percent, in comparison with other company goals into the Weight field.
  8. Check the Is Active check box to activate the goal.
  9. Enter the goal description into the Description field.
  10. Select the Is Quantitative check box.
  11. The value in the Percent Complete field will be calculated based on the actual result compared to the target result.
  12. Select More from the drop-down list in the Best Value field, if the goal is to increase the indicator value, or Less, if the goal is to decrease it. For example, select More, if the goal is to increase turnover, since the more it is increased, the better. Similarly, select Less, if the goal is to decrease the number of customer complaints, since the smaller the number, the better.
  13. Enter the maximum value that can be achieved into the Max Result field. It acts as
  14. Enter the target achievement value into the Target Result field.
  15. .
  16. If there is an actual result, enter it into the Actual Result field.
  17. Select the organizational units for which  the goal is relevant in the Organizational Units field. When creating org unit goals, the org unit managers will be able to align them with this company goal. All the employees of the selected units will be able to see the company goal.
  18. Click Save.

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