Deploy Lanteria HR
  • 13 Mar 2023
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Deploy Lanteria HR

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Prior to deploying the Lanteria HR solution, ensure that the prerequisites are met.

To deploy the Lanteria HR solution

  1. In the Lanteria HR installation package folder, run the Setup.exe file.
  2. Select Next.
  3. After the setup wizard has completed the necessary verifications, select Next.
  4. Use the drop-down menu to select a site collection, to which Lanteria HR will be deployed.
    The site collection must already be created. In case the site collection is not created at this point, you do not have to quit the setup wizard. Create a site collection, and then, in the setup wizard, select Refresh to update the list of available site collections.
  1. Select Next.
  2. Wait until permissions for the databases and site collection are verified. After the verification is complete, the name of the database or site collection is displayed.
  3. Select Deploy.
  4. Select OK on the warning message that appears.
  5. Wait until the setup wizard completes the Lanteria HR deployment. The deployment may take up to 15 minutes, depending on the server hardware.


In case you need assistance with errors that might occur during the deployment process, please contact the Lanteria HR support:
  1. After the setup wizard has completed the deployment, select Next.


The last setup wizard page shows the following information:

  • Lanteria HR URL – Specifies the URL to the site with deployed Lanteria HR. Click this link to verify that Lanteria HR has been deployed successfully.
  • Lanteria HR content database name – Specifies the name of the database where Lanteria HR content for this deployment will be stored.
  • SLK database name – Specifies the name of the SharePoint Learning Kit database, which is required for the Learning module of Lanteria HR.
  • ESDB database name – Specifies the name of the ESDB database, which is used for performance purposes.
  • CPM deployment log folder – Specifies the folder where the content management package log of this deployment is stored.
If you have deployed Lanteria HR in a production environment, it is highly recommended that you make a backup of the Lanteria HR content, SLK, and ESDB databases.
  1. Select Finish to close the setup wizard and finish the installation of Lanteria HR.

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