E-Learning Workflow
  • 13 Mar 2023
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E-Learning Workflow

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Article Summary

The E-Learning workflow covers the learning process when employees are educated by their own efforts using the corresponding learning materials for self-education as opposed to internal classroom studying or visiting an external training.

Primary Prerequisites for the E-Learning Workflow

The primary prerequisites for the E-Learning workflow are as follows:

E-Learning Workflow

The following diagram illustrates a typical self-learning workflow in Lanteria HR.

E-Learning Workflow Description

Preparation activities

E-Learning workflow covers the learning process of employees when they do courses with learning materials from the learning catalog and do not visit any internal or external trainings or events. Before employees engage themselves into the self-education process, HR, Local HR or Training Manager normally assigns certain learning materials from the learning catalog to employees, marking them as recommended or mandatory so that employees could see which learning courses they should complete first. Learning materials can be assigned individually or to a group (by job role, learning group, or job grade). Mandatory courses are added to employees’ development plans and set as Missing Mandatory Trainings. An assigned course may also have prerequisite learning materials (courses that must be completed prior to starting the course). However, it depends on the Learning Prerequisites Mode setting for the Learning module whether it is mandatory to completed prerequisite learning materials or only recommended.

Working with the development plan

Employees can assign a learning course to themselves or launch learning courses from the personal development plan. In the E-Learning workflow, the following scenarios are possible:

  • The employee wants to add a mandatory course assigned to him by the manager or HR to the development plan. To see the list of such courses, the employee selects the View Missing Mandatory Trainings check box on the My Development Plan page. A course may have Request Required check box selected (usually for classroom or external trainings).
    • If the request is required, the training request needs to be approved first before it can be added to the development plan. The employee will only have the Send Request action available. The Manager will need to approve the training request. As a result of approval, if the Training Request Approval Action setting is set to Create activity, the training will be approved and a development activity will be created automatically in the employee’s development plan. If the Training Request Approval Action setting is set to Approve Only, the training request will be approved, but a development activity will not be created automatically; HR, Local HR, or Training Manager as an additional step will also need to click Register to create the corresponding development activity in the employee’s development plan.
    • If the request is not required, the employee can add the training course to the development plan right away by clicking Add to My Plan.
  • The employee wants to add a course from the learning catalog. To do this, click Assign from Catalog and then select a course you want to add to your plan. A course may have Request Required check box selected. The approval procedure is the same as when adding a mandatory or recommended course.
  • The employee wants to assign a curriculum, which is a combination of learning materials with a similar topic or purpose. To do this, the employee selects a curriculum from the drop-down list and clicks Assign Curriculum. The approval procedure is the same as when adding a course from the catalog, but in this case the approval is sent automatically. After the courses from the curriculum were approved if necessary, the curriculum, broken down into development activities, becomes available in the development plan. Also development needs with the name of the curriculum will be created.

Launching a course or a quiz

After a learning course has been added to the development plan, the employee can launch a development activity by clicking the corresponding action in the development plan or in the learning material details, which can be viewed when clicking a learning material in the learning catalog:

  • Launch Course - for activities all except quizzes. However, this action will be available only if learning material was attached to the course on the Add Course form, such as a web link, e-learning SCORM package, or other file (which can be added using the Link E-Learning field) such as a PowerPoint presentation, a document, a video, etc. If the learning material was attached to the course using the Upload Document action (which is available under Actions when you click a created course), the Launch Course action will not be available, and the employee will have to click the development activity title and download the attached file, such as a document, video or other material to do such a course. The employee studies the course until he or she is ready to mark it complete.
  • Launch Quiz - for quizzes created using the quiz builder in Lanteria HR. If it is a quiz, the employee answers the questions in the quiz, completes the quiz and closes the quiz form.

Completing the course

After the employee completes the course, the development activity can be marked as completed. To do this, the employee clicks Mark Complete in the development plan. The status of the completed changes to Completed and the course becomes inactive. To see inactive courses, the employee can choose View All in the personal development plan.

As a result of course completion, a certificate can be automatically issued by the corresponding job at night if the certificate was specified during the course creation. To see the issued certificate, the employee can click My Gradebook in the development plan. Additionally, if the Collect Feedback on Completion check box was selected during the course creation, an email with the link to the feedback form will be sent to the employee. After filling the feedback form, the rating of the course will be updated.

A development activity with a quiz is marked complete automatically as well as marked as inactive as soon as the employee completes the quiz. The employee can always review the completed quiz to see how the questions were answered. They can do it from the list of inactive activities by setting the filter to View All, and then clicking Review Quiz next to the development activity with the completed quiz.

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