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  • 19 Jun 2023
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Edit Quiz

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Article Summary

Go to Learning > Quiz Builder > Quizzes. 

Here you can see:

  • Quiz title
  • Quiz type (randomly or sequentially)
  • Whether the quiz is active or not
  • The date when the last version of the quiz was published
  • Current version of the quiz

To make any changes to the quiz, click the quiz title. In the open window, you can edit the quiz title, change quiz type, activate or deactivate the quiz.

To change contents of  the quiz, click Actions > Content.

After the quiz is changed, click Actions > Publish to update the quiz in the learning catalog to the new version. In the Publish window, click Yes.

Please note that any changes that were made to the quiz content will not be available until a new quiz version is published. After approving the publishing, you will be prompted whether you want to update the quiz version in the learning catalog. Click Yes, if you want this to be a new version, for example, if major changes were made.

Click the Actions > Play Published link to go through the quiz version that is currently available in the learning catalog.

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