Employee Salary Scheme
  • 06 Mar 2023
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Employee Salary Scheme

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Article Summary

The amounts and factors that comprise the actual employee salary are defined at the position level, individual employee level and country level.

Position Level

For each position, you specify:

  • Position annual base salary
  • Annual position bonuses

Individual Level

When assigning an employee to a particular position, you can override the annual base salary and specify additional salary calculation factors that will be valid only for this specific employee. The salary parameters specified at the individual level are as follows:

  • Annual base salary
  • Annual allowance – if the employee is entitled to some personal additional payments
  • Compensation factors – if the employee is working under conditions that require paying additional or less compensation
You cannot edit the position bonus amount at the individual employee level as it is defined per position. For information on managing individual employee bonuses, refer to Bonus Management section.

Country Level

The country the employee is working in is defined by the organizational unit he or she is assigned to. The following salary adjustments depend on the country:

  • Extra months payment – if the country has official additional month salary payments, for example, a 13th monthly salary
  • Country remuneration – if the employees working in the country are entitled to additional payments

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