• 28 Feb 2023
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Follow these steps to create job roles:

  1. Go to Settings > Settings and Configuration > Core HR.
  2. Click Org Structure in the left panel and click Edit next to the Jobs setting name on the Basic tab.
  3. The Job Roles list will open where you can edit the information you need.

Another way of creating job roles is to use the new item button on the Job Roles form found at Core HR > Jobs and Positions > Job Roles or click the Create Job Role quick link in the Core HR quick actions


which will launch the job role edit form.


Enter the following information to create a job role:

  1. The name for the job role in the Job Role Name field.
  2. A short identifier for the role in the Code field.
  3. The job role description in the Description field.
  4. Use the Job Category drop-down list to select the category the role belongs to.
  5. Under Certificates use the Add button to specify which certificates are mandatory for this job role. You can remove the certificates from this list by clicking on the certificate name and then clicking Remove.
  6. Under Promotion Path use the Add button to specify roles to which an employee holding this role can be promoted. For example, a QA person can be promoted to Team Leader or Project Manager.
  7. Under Rotation Path use the Add button to specify roles to which an employee holding this role can be rotated. For example, a QA person can be rotated to Software Developer role.
  8. Select Succession Required check box if this job role is critical for the company and requires planning for substitutes in case the person leaves.
  9. Use the Job Grade drop-down list to specify the job role grade, if grades are used for compensation calculation.
  10. Note

    After a grade is assigned to a job role, the system behavior will change as follows:

    • If you don’t specify the annual salary when creating a new job position based on this role, the values are taken from the annual salary for the grade assigned to it. You will see these values as recommended salary when setting up or changing the employee's salary
    • The salary of the employees with this job role will be compared to the salary range from the selected grade during the Salary Range Analysis
    • Performance bonus will be calculated based on the calculation rules set up for the grade profile

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