Manage Team Absences
  • 19 Jun 2023
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Manage Team Absences

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Go to My Team Attendance > Absences to get the information about the employees’ absence schedule and vacation balances, as well as approve or reject the absence requests.

When employees plan to be out of office, they send absence requests to their managers through Lanteria HR. As a manager, you will get an e-mail notification about the requests that need your approval. Follow a link in the mail to approve or reject the requests. To get an overview of all the requests pending approval, go to My Team Attendance > Absences

There are the following types of absences:

  • Vacation – annual leave
  • Absence – leave of other types when employee needs to be out of office due to the personal or other reasons
  • Sickness – employee absence due to the sickness
  • Carried Over – any unused vacation time carried over from the previous vacation period. Will be sent for approval at the beginning of the vacation year
  • Extra Time Off – the employees will request approval to register extra time off for working overtime or in other special cases. Once approved, it will be added to the employee’s vacation allowance

There can also be Acting Person type requests. This means that your approval of the employee who will be responsible for the tasks of the absent subordinate is required.

Click Edit to view or change the request details. 

  • See the number of days the employee is going to be absent in the Calculated Duration field. This figure is calculated based on the start and end dates of the absence and the employee’s working schedule.
  • The Start Date field shows the date when the absence starts. The Start Time field indicates whether the employee leaves for vacation for the whole day or starting from the afternoon. AM means that the employee leaves for the whole day and PM that he or she leaves in the afternoon. If PM is selected, the first day will be counted as a half of the day.
  • The Return to Work Date field shows the date when the employee returns from vacation. And again, AM/PM indicates whether the employee plans to come back in the first part of the day or in the second.
  • Normally, the employee will select the start and end dates and the system will calculate the number of days taken. Alternatively, the employee can specify the number of days he or she wants to take in the Number of Days field. For example, the employee is requesting an absence from May 1 to May 5, but the number of days is set to 3. This means that the employee is going to be absent for the full 3 days within the period of May 1-5. The absences can be also entered in hours.
  • In the Notes section, view and enter any notes to the request.
  • To set a reminder for the employee absence, specify the reminder date.

To approve or reject the requests of the acting person type, locate it in the My Team Attendance > Absences page under Pending Absence Requests and click the Approve/Reject button and make the choice needed. In case you reject the request, you need to provide the reason in the Comments field. Please note that the manager can approve you to be an acting person even if you have rejected the request.

Click Approve or Reject to approve or reject the vacation request. You can also approve the acting person by selecting the appropriate check box even if this person has rejected performing this role. 

The approved request will disappear from the pending requests.

The employee will be notified by mail about your decision.

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