OffBoarding Workflow
  • 31 Jan 2024
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OffBoarding Workflow

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The OffBoarding workflow provides the typical sequence of steps performed to terminate an employee in Lanteria HR.

Prerequisites for the OffBoarding Workflow

Termination Reasons - List of reasons to choose from when terminating an employee.

Employee Statuses - The statuses assigned to be employee (Active, Pending Termination, Terminated, etc).

OffBoarding HR Process - The HR process template for OffBoarding and whether it is launched automatically.  

Company Assets - The list of company assets held by employee.

Absence Plans - To view the remaining holidays of the employee being terminated, the employee must be assigned to an absence plan.

Employee Data Anonymization - Use the Employee Data Anonymization setting to specify the fields from the Employees list to be permanently deleted during the employee data anonymization.

OffBoarding Workflow

The following diagram illustrates a typical offboadring (termination) workflow in Lanteria HR.

OffBoarding Workflow Description


When initiating the employee termination, you'll be specifying the termination reason. You'll be selecting among the options available in the Termination Reasons list. Make sure that the corresponding options are in place.

After initiating the employee termination, the employee status will change. Make sure that the list of statuses is set up accordingly.  

You can set up the OffBoarding process, which will generate the action items on the termination process. Also, the OffBoarding page will contain links to the employee remaining absences (if the employee is assigned to an absence plan) and company assets (if the list of assets held by employee was created before). 

If you plan to anonymize data, the fields for data anonymization must be set up.

Termination Initiation

The termination is initiated by clicking Terminate on the employee card. As soon as the termination record is created, the employee status is changed. If the termination date is in the future, it will be set to Pending Termination and will be changed  to Terminated on the termination date.

OffBoarding HR Process

 If the OffBoarding HR process is set up, it can be automatically launched after creating a termination record or it can be launched manually by HR. In this case, the termination will be displayed on the OffBoarding page along with the employee absence summary where you can check the unused vacation allowance. If you are tracking the company assets provided to the employees, click the Company Assets link to check the list of assets to be returned.

Data Anonymization or Deletion

After termination, the employee data can be deleted or if the employee record must be kept for the statistical purposes, the data can be anonymized

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