Performance Overview
  • 11 May 2023
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Performance Overview

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Usually companies periodically organize review rounds to assess their employees' performance. In the Performance section, you can manage such employee performance reviews. Define your own review periods, workflows and review form templates.

After the HR person starts the performance review round, the system generates review forms for all the employees participating in the review. The form appearance and contents depend on the review form template. Current employee objectives, KPIs and other data can be copied to the review form.

The employees can work with the forms in Employee mode. When the employee finishes working on the form, it will be submitted for the manager’s or another person’s review, depending on the review workflow.

In addition to performance reviews, in this section, you will learn how to manage other performance-related processes and entities:

Lanteria HR provides the following options regarding performance reviews for different roles in the organization:

  • HR can launch a review round and monitor the review status
  • Managers can review their employees' forms
  • Employees can work on review forms assigned to them

This section guides you through the functionality available to HR user role unless otherwise indicated. 

To help you understand the typical processes in the Performance module, refer to the description of the following workflows:

  • Goal Management Workflow - This workflow describes how company, org unit and employee goals are set up and assessed in Lanteria HR and how this process can be managed either independently or as part of the performance review process.
  • Competencies Workflow - This workflow describes how competencies are assigned and assessed, either independently or as part of the performance review process.
  • Performance Review Process - This workflow describes the performance review process, which includes the preparation for the performance review and the performance review round steps.
  • 360 Feedback Reviews workflow - This workflow describes the typical 360 Feedback Review process, in which an employee's competencies are evaluated by the employee's colleagues (managers, peers, subordinates), including or excluding self-assessment.

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