Registration on Candidate Self-Service
  • 07 Mar 2023
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Registration on Candidate Self-Service

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Article Summary

To apply for a job, the candidates must be registered. This can be done through the Register button on the home page or when applying for a job opening.

To register from Candidate Self-Service home page

  1. On the home page Candidate Self-Service site, click Register.
  2. In the Name field, enter you full name.
  3. In the Email field enter your email. This email will be used to log in to the Candidate Self-Service site as well as to receive notifications regarding your application process.
  4. In the Password field, enter your password that will be used to log in.
  5. In the Confirm password field, reenter your password.
  6. If reCAPTCHA is configured for the Candidate Self-Service, you will also need to confirm that you are human. Otherwise, skip this step.
  7. Click Register.

After registration, the candidates get access to the personal profile where the application history is available. From personal profile, the candidates can also view the e-mails from the recruiter, track interviews, work with job offers, fill in forms, upload and sign documents, and perform other actions. Registered candidates can log in.

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