Select or Adjust 360 Feedback Reviewers
  • 15 Jan 2024
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Select or Adjust 360 Feedback Reviewers

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Reviewers for a 360 Feedback review can be either assigned automatically on the basis of the org structure (in case the Auto Select Assessors check box was selected when launching a 360 Feedback review round) or manually. Optionally, you can request employees to assign assessors.

To select/adjust 360 Feedback reviewers

  1. Go to Performance > 360 Feedback, and then click Feedback Forms next to the round that you created. 
  2. If the Auto Select Assessors check box was selected, the system will identify the requested number of managers, peers, subordinates, or reviewers from custom reviewer groups for each employee to be assessed. In case reviewers for the required reviewer groups could not be automatically identified or the Auto Select Assessors check box was not selected, the fields where reviewers are to be listed will be empty and marked in orange. Note that columns with reviewer groups will be different for each review round (only the reviewer groups selected for the review round will be displayed). 
  3. Click Select Reviewers, if the list of assessors needs to be edited or filled in before generating the reviews. 
  4. In the Select Reviewers dialog window, specify or adjust the list of reviewers who will perform the assessment as needed.
    The set of reviewer groups will be different in each review round. Only reviewer groups selected for the round will be available. The set of reviewer groups in a 360 Feedback review round may consist of predefined groups (managers, peers, subordinates) or custom 360 Feedback reviewer groups (internal or external). Predefined groups exclude terminated employees, but can include temporarily inactive employees in case the the Include Inactive Employees check box is selected for the review round. If you use external reviewer groups, ensure that external external reviewers are set up, including their emails to which a notification to fill in the review form will be sent. Additionally, a self-service site must be specified in the 360 Feedback External Reviews Self-Service Site Setting.
  5. Select the Self-estimation check box if you want to allow the assessed employee to perform self-evaluation as well.
  6. Click Save.

If the Auto Select Assessors check box was not selected, the system will not assign the assessors for each employee participating in the review. Click the Request Reviewers from Employees button or the Request Reviewers from Managers button to send a request to the employees or managers correspondingly so that they choose or change their assessors in this 360 Feedback review round. In this case, the Status field will be set to Request Sent to Employees or Request Sent to Managers.

The employees or managers will receive a notification with the proposal to select assessors, which can be accessed in the Employee role under My Performance > My 360 Feedback or Tasks Requiring My Action

Click the Select Assessors button from My 360 Feedback or click the task name from Tasks Requiring My Action to select or edit your assessors. 

After the reviewers have been selected or verified, the forms are ready to approved and generated for reviewers to start filling in the forms.

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