Talent Pools
  • 29 May 2023
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Talent Pools

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The talent pools are created based on the job roles. All the employees performing the selected job role will be included into the pool as candidates, and then you can include the selected employees as pool members.

Follow these steps to create a talent pool:

  1. Go to Performance > Succession > Talent Pools
  2. To create a new pool, click Add Talent Pool
  3. In the Title field, type the title of the talent pool.
  4. Int he Description field, optionally, type a description of the talent pool.
  5. In the Job Roles field, select the job roles for which the talent pool is being created. For example, you can create the talent pool of the TOP managers to use its members for planning succession for the CEO. 
  6. Click Save.
  7. Next, select the talent pool members out of the candidates. In the Talent Pools window, click Candidates for the necessary pool. All the employees whose job positions are related to the selected job roles will be listed as candidates you can choose from. 
  8. You can search for the members based on the performance rating and average competency score – select the rating and score and click View.
    The employees who didn’t participate in the performance review and don’t have the performance rating and competency score will not be included into the talent pool candidates.
    You can also use the performance/competence matrix to see how many candidates with each performance rating/competency level you have in the pool.
  9. To include the candidate as member, click Include next to the candidate. Candidates that you have already included will be marked as Candidate.
  10. To view members in a talent pool, in the Talent Pools window, click Members for a talent pool. 
  11. To exclude a member from a talent pool, in the Talent Pool Members window, click Exclude next on the member line. 

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