Working with Templates
  • 02 Mar 2023
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Working with Templates

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Follow these steps to upload a file with the data to import into the system:

  1. Go to Settings > Data Import and select the section to import the data to, for example, Dictionaries.
  2. Click Actions > Download Template next to the dataset you selected for data importing.
  3. Open the template in your spreadsheet editor (for example, Microsoft Excel). In predefined templates the columns with red-colored headers are mandatory. All other columns are optional.
  4. Use the comments in the template to learn about the purpose of different columns and the type of data input required for each of them. Enter the data into the template and save it.
  5. Return to Lanteria HR Data Import main page to upload the file.
  6. Click Upload File next to the dataset the data is being imported for and click Browse to locate your spreadsheet.
  7. Select the Overwrite file if already exists check box if you want to overwrite the current file, if any.
  8. Click the Upload Document button.

After this, the document will appear in the Data Import library, it will be linked to the corresponding dataset, and it will be listed in the drop-down list next to the Upload File button.

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