Additional Payment Report
  • 16 Feb 2024
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Additional Payment Report

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Article Summary

Use the Additional Payment Report to view the submitted additional payment requests in any status. Filter the requests by the status of approval, end date or creation date. For the dates, you can choose Custom and specify the date range or choose one of the available options (this month, next month, etc.) and click View

For each additional payment request, you can see:

  • Actual Start Date, Actual End Date - The start date and end date of the period for which the additional payment is due.
  • Additional Payment Submission Category - Category of the additional payment that defines whether the request time is tracked in days or hours and what the payment coefficient will be. 
  • Additional Payment Coefficient - Coefficient based on which the additional payment amount will be calculated (the number of days or hours for additional payment will be multiplied by it). It is taken from the payment category.
  • Actual Hours, Actual Days - Depending on the additional payment category, either Actual Hours or Actual Days field will be filled in with the time of the current request (another field will have the 0 value).
  • Days*Additional Payment Coefficient - The number of additional payment days multiplied by the Additional Payment Coefficient.
  • Hours*Rate - The number of additional payment hours multiplied by the Additional Payment Coefficient.
  • Comments - Comments provided by employee when registering the additional payment request.
  • Approval Status - Current status of the additional payment request approval (Pending - when the request was created and sent for approval or approved by the intermediate approver(s), Approved - when approved by all the responsible persons on all the workflow steps, Rejected - if the request was rejected at any step, Draft - if changes were requested by the approvers). 

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