Approve Additional Payment Request
  • 13 Feb 2024
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Approve Additional Payment Request

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Article summary

The additional payment request approval workflow consists of the two steps:

  1. Line manager approval. This step is the same for all the employees. 
  2. If the line manager approves the request, the next and final approver depends on the employee's team:
    • Process team - employee with job role Process Superintendent
    • Maintenance team - employee with job role Maintenance Superintendent 
    • Other team or no team specified - Local HR

Line Manager Approval

After the additional payment request is submitted by employee, the employee's line manager receives an approval request. Follow these steps to approve or reject the request as a line manager:

  1. Opens the Employee role menu and click My Details > My Approval Requests
  2. The approval process name will be Additional Payment. Locate the request and click Approve/Reject
  3. In the dialog that opens, click Approve, Reject or Request ChangeIf approved, the request will move to the next approval step and its status will remain Pending. If rejected, the status will be set to Rejected and will be displayed on the Overtime Requests page with the status Rejected. If a change is required, the request will be returned to the employee, who will receive a notification with a link to the My Overtime Requests page where changes can be made. The request will have the status Draft

Superintendent or Local HR Approval

If the line manager approves the additional payment request, it is forwarded to the second approver - the team superintendent or Local HR. As the second level approver, follow the same steps as the line manager to approve the request. When approved by the second approver, the request will get the status Approved.

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