DocuSign Integration

The Recruiting module of Lanteria HR is integrated with DocuSign. This integration enables candidates to electronically sign documents, which are uploaded on the candidate card in Lanteria HR and then sent to the Candidate Self-Service site for the candidate to sign. Candidates can electronically sign or decline to sign documents directly from the Candidate Self-Service where they can see uploaded documents for signature or from a link in an e-mail. Documents can be signed using any device the Self-Service is accessed from, including mobile devices. Optionally, in addition to electronic signature, the signature date can be automatically added below the signature if necessary.


To be able to use the DocuSign integration, the following requirements must be met:

  • The Lanteria HR customer must have a DocuSign account. Note that a candidate that applies an electronic signature does not need to have a DocuSign account.
  • DocuSign integration must be configured both in Lanteria HR and on the DocuSign site.
  • By default, candidates can only sign documents on the Self-Service site. To be able to send documents for signature via e-mail, additional configuration of Lanteria HR is required. If you want to use this possibility, please contact the Lanteria HR support to request this option.
  • Beginning August 16th, 2021, your apps will need to use OAuth 2.0 to pass go-live review. In September 2022 DocuSign will require all apps that use the DocuSign APIs to use OAuth 2.0