Enable LinkedIn Learning Integration

Follow these steps to enable the LinkedIn Learning integration:

  1. Under Settings > Settings and Configuration, click Integrations, and then click LinkedIn Learning Integration.
  2. Select the Enabled check box to enable the LinkedIn Learning integration with Lanteria HR.
    Caution: After this check box is selected, the system job LinkedIn Learning Integration Job is automatically enabled, which will automatically add LinkedIn courses to the Lanteria HR learning catalog the next time the job is run according to its schedule. This means that several thousand courses will be added to the catalog. The job can also be run manually to add LinkedIn courses to the catalog right away.
  3. Provide the client ID and secret for the LinkedIn Learning.
    Note: For information on defining your client ID and client secret, refer to the following topic in the LinkedIn online help: https://www.linkedin.com/help/learning/topics/14043/14059/90058
  4. In the License Activation Column Name, provide the type of license for the LinkedIn Learning. By default, it is Default_license_learning_proAllLanguages_status.