Integration of Lanteria HR with Exchange

Lanteria HR can be set up to connect to Exchange/Office 365 calendars, which allows the users to:

  • View the interviewers' availability when scheduling the interviews
  • View the trainers' availability when scheduling the classroom trainings
  • Book the meeting rooms through Microsoft Exchange when scheduling the trainings

To set up the Exchange/Office 365 integration, follow these steps:

  1. Under Settings > Settings and Configuration > Integrations, click Exchange Integration.
  2. In the Exchange Version field, select a version of the Microsoft Exchange Server used by the employees (trainers and interviewers) whose calendars are to be viewed.
  3. In the Exchange Integration URL field to define the link to the Exchange.asmx file Lanteria HR will be connecting to. For Office 365, such link will be as follows
  4. Specify the mailbox and password to mailbox of the administrator who has permissions to view the calendars of the employees whose availability will be checked. Use the Exchange Login and Exchange Password fields for this purpose.
  5. Click Apply Changes. The connectivity will be checked at this point and you will see the confirmation message or the message indicating the issues that occurred. After the connectivity check, the password will be hidden and the Exchange Password field will be displayed empty.
  6. If the meeting rooms for the classroom trainings will be booked through Outlook, click Edit to set up the list of meeting rooms to be used. Specify the meeting room name to be displayed when scheduling a training and email the meeting room calendar is associated with. Please note that this email must be set up as a meeting room in Outlook.

To view the trainers' and interviewers' calendars, the following additional settings are required:

  • Each trainer and interviewer must have the AD account and e-mail specified in the employee card.
  • The trainers' and interviewers' calendars must be shared.