Employee Feedback

The Employee Feedback functionality enables Lanteria HR employees to give ad hoc feedback to each other in the form of text messages as well as, optionally, category batches, which can be assigned to the employee along with text feedback. This type of feedback is a fast and easy way to provide your opinion about your colleagues, and does not require thorough planning or preparation.

When giving feedback, you type a brief text message about your colleague. This can be general feedback or some specific feedback, for example, about the employee's work on a project. Additionally, you can assign that colleague a category, which gives an idea what kind of person they are, such as high performer, customer-oriented, leader, team player, expert, etc. Categories are customizable in the employee feedback settings.

As a feedback giver, you have the option to make your feedback public if you want your feedback to be visible not only to your manager or HR, but also to other employees on the public Employee Feedback page, which is accessible to the whole company.

Feedback can be given to any colleague at any time. Employees (or other roles) can also request any Lanteria HR employee(s) to give feedback to any Lanteria HR employee(s). Feedback can be provided on a group of employees if necessary.

If you are a manager, you receive a notification when one of your subordinate employees receives feedback. In this case, you can open the page with the employee feedback and add a manger comment to that feedback if you wish to do so. The manager's comment can also be hidden from the public Employee Feedback page if the manager chooses to make it private.

In this chapter, you will learn how to: