Learning Prerequisites
  • 27 Sep 2023
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Learning Prerequisites

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Article summary

If some courses have prerequisites, meaning that it is recommended or required to complete the prerequisite courses before completing them, this can be set up by:

  • Defining the prerequisite mode and
  • Selecting the prerequisite courses in the Learning Catalog.

Follow these steps to set up the prerequisites:

  1. To set up the prerequisite mode, navigate to Settings > Learning and click the Advanced tab.
  2. In the Learning Prerequisites Mode, select Recommended if the prerequisite courses are not mandatory or Required if an employee cannot complete the course before the prerequisite courses are completed. 
  3. To select the prerequisites for the learning material, go to Learning > Learning Catalog.
  4. Select a course, click its title and then Actions > Edit
  5. In the Prerequisites field, use the Add button to select the prerequisites. 
  6. Save the course.

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