Manage Vacations Requests
  • 22 Feb 2023
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Manage Vacations Requests

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The HR manager can view, create and edit the vacation requests. This can be done from Time & Attendance > Absence Lists > Vacations.img008(4)

Follow these steps to create a new request:

  1. Click New item.img009(4)
  2. Enter the title of the vacation request into the Title field.
  3. Select the employee to assign this absence to from the drop-down list in the Employee field.
  4. Select the vacation type for this request from the drop-down list in the Vacation Type field.
  5. Select the Start Date and Start Time. This is the date and time from which the allowance is counted.
  6. Specify the Return to Work Date and Return to Work Time. This is the date and time of the employee's return to work and it is not included into the calculation.
  7. Select the approval status from the drop-down list in the Approval Status field.
  8. Enter any notes regarding the request into the Notes section.
  9. Select the reminder date for the notification to be sent on.
  10. Select the name of the employee who will perform the acting person role from the drop-down list in the Acting Person field. The acting person will be able to provide absence approvals on behalf of the person on leave.
  11. Select the Is Not Paid check box if the vacation is not paid.
  12. Click Save.

To edit an item, click its title and then click the Edit Item button on the ribbon.

You can also add absence requests using Absence Records and Pending Absence Requests report.

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