Work with Development Activities
  • 07 Feb 2024
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Work with Development Activities

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You can work with your development activities from you personal development plan. In the Employee role, go to My Learning > My Development Plan.

Some actions with development activities can be performed from the learning catalog, when you click on a course to view its details. You can add a course to your development plan (or request to add it if approval is required), launch a course already added to your development plan, schedule training, manage practicum, upload documents, and perform other actions.

Launching a Course or Quiz

To work with the documents, e-learning courses and quizzes click the Launch Course or Launch Quiz button next to the course in the development plan or by clicking corresponding button when viewing course details in the learning catalog. This Launch Course or Launch Quiz button becomes available after a course or quiz has been added to your development plan.

The Launch Course will launch the course differently, depending on the learning material type. For example, if the learning material is a video in the form of an attached video file as opposed to an external link, the Launch Course button will launch the Lanteria HR Media Player where you will be able to watch the video.

In case of the E-Learning Course learning material type, an e-learning will be launched, in case of Web Link – a web site with the course, etc.

If the Learning Prerequisites Mode setting is set to Required, you will not be able to complete a development activity until you complete prerequisites, if any. In this mode, you will see the Check Prerequisites button next to the development activity – click it to see the list of prerequisites that must be completed for that learning material. You can click Assign from Catalog to assign the required materials directly from the Check Prerequisites window.

Marking Development Activity Complete

To mark a development activity as complete, click the Mark Complete button in the personal development plan next to the development activity.

Alternatively, you can use the Actions drop-down menu to view assignment details by clicking Assignment Details.

After quizzes or e-learning tests associated with this activity are completed, they will be marked as failed or passed, and the achieved score is automatically displayed in the Score (Achieved/Required) column. In other cases the score can be recorded manually after completing the learning activity. To view completed development activities, select View All under Filter in the top left corner of the personal development plan.

In the list of inactive development activities, you click Review Quiz next to a quiz to review the answers in the read-only mode.

The completion date is displayed in the Activity column under the activity title.

Canceling Development Activity

To cancel a development activity, in your development plan, select Actions > Cancel Assignment.

Alternatively, you you cancel a development activity by clicking Cancel in the Assignment Details window when you view the development activity assignment details (see below).

Development activities, including external activities, that have expenses associated with them (the cost is specified in the Cost field in the properties of the learning material, linked to the development activity, or in the development activity properties when you assign an external activity) can be canceled only by HR. In the Employee role, the action that cancels a development activity will be inactive for such a development activity.

Viewing/Editing Assignment Details

You can view or edit assignment details. For example, to specify a completion date and the score achieved, select Actions > Assignment Details for a development activity, and then click Edit at the bottom of the Assignment Details form and fill in the Completion Date and Final Score fields, and other details if necessary.

The Expiration Date and Final Score fields will be hidden when you edit a development activity that is linked to a SCORM package, because in this case the completion date and final score are filled in automatically.

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