Managing and Posting Job Opening in JobTarget
  • 03 Mar 2023
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Managing and Posting Job Opening in JobTarget

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After job openings were created with the JobTarget job publishing option and published on the Candidate Self-Service, they are ready to be retrieved by JobTarget from the Candidate Self-Service site. This happens every day before 6 a.m. EST. On the JobTarget site, you can edit, preview and post a job opening advertisement to multiple other employment platforms that you acquire access to.

In this integration, you must log in to JobTarget from Lanteria HR job publishing options settings. The JobTarget publishing option must be already configured at this point.

The following information is taken from Lanteria HR for every job opening:

  • Job opening ID
  • Title
  • Description
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • ZIP

To manage a job opening in JobTarget:

  1. In Lanteria HR, go to Settings > Settings and Configuration > Recruiting > Job Publishing, and then click Edit next to Job Publishing Options.
  2. Click Advanced Settings on the JobTarget job publishing option line.
  3. Click Log in to JobTarget.
    Alternatively, you can open the JobTarget dashboard by clicking the generated URL link in the Published job URL column, on the Job Publishing tab, in the Job Opening Details window.
  4. Click I Consent to accept terms and conditions. This step is performed only upon first login.
    The JobTarget dashboard is opened.
    In the Job Activity pane, you can see the number of job openings:
    • Active – Already posted to other employment platforms from JobTarget. 
    • Unposted – Received from Lanteria HR, but not posted to other employment platforms yet.
    • Expired – Job openings the due date of which has passed.
  5. To review active, unposted, or expired job openings, click Review Jobs next to the corresponding title. For example, to manage an unposted job opening, click Review Jobs next to Unposted jobs.
    This opens the overview of unposted job opening ads.
  6. To edit the job opening, click the icon on the job opening line.
  7. To preview click the  icon on the job opening line.
  8. To post the job opening, click Post on the job opening line, select employment sites you want it to be posted to, and follow the instructions on screen.

You must acquire access to an employment platform in JobTarget to be able to post a job opening on that platform.

For detailed information on how to work in JobTarget, refer to the JobTarget online help.

After a job opening is published on one or multiple platforms, candidates can apply for this job opening.

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