Local HR Menu Overview
  • 13 Jul 2023
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Local HR Menu Overview

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The Local HR menu was designed specifically for the Local HR role, which responsible for a part of the company and normally has limited HR access. Therefore, information displayed in the Local HR role is always filtered by company, country, location, and org unit the Local HR is assigned to in the Local HR settings.

The Local HR menu is available after selecting the Local HR role in the Lanteria HR home page. This menu provides access to Lanteria HR features, available for Local HR out of the box.

You can further adapt the system modules, menu sections and menu items that the local HR can access to your specific needs by using Permissions EditorMenu Sections, and Menu Items settings. However, if a feature was not designed to work with the Local HR role, granting access to it will not be enough to make it work with the role.

From the Local HR menu of Lanteria HR, you can:

  • Core Local HR:
    • Manage the organizational structure
    • Manage employee and employee documents
    • Manage the on-boarding and off-boarding processes, including the probation review
    • View Core HR reports
    • View and approve requests
  • LHR Time & Attendance:
    • View the out of office calendar, absence statistics
    • View and add vacation restrictions
  • LHR Compensation:
  • Start a salary review round
  • Get compensation-related statistics: view the salary timesheet as well as employee bonuses
  • LHR Recruiting:
    • Manage job openings: view existing and create new ones
    • Track and create new candidates
    • View and schedule job interviews
  • LHR Performance:
    • Manage employee and org unit goals as well as KPIs
    • View performance reviews and assess employees' performance
    • Start and manage 360 Feedback review rounds
    • Get an overview of employee competencies
  • LHR Learning:
    • Manage the Learning catalog
    • Create and manage employee learning groups
    • View and approve training requests
  • Reports:
    • Access the report center to run general (out of the box) and custom (created by HR or Local HR) reports

The availability of these functions depends on the system configuration. Companies can have different policies in terms of individual policy configuration. This guide describes all the possible functions.

All the actions described are performed in the Local HR role, unless stated otherwise.

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