Add Integration in Lanteria HR
  • 06 Feb 2024
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Add Integration in Lanteria HR

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The first step to configure the data synchronization with any system's data in the .csv format is adding a new integration to Lanteria HR:

  1. In Lanteria HR, go to Settings > Settings and Configuration > Integrations and click Employee Integration.
  2. Next, click Add Integration. 
  3. On the page that opens, specify the integration title and the employee key field. Since the primary list to be updated is the Employees list, we can choose one of the three fields from this list to be a key: Account, Email, Global ID
  4. Next, select the integration direction. Please note that currently only one direction is available, Inbound, meaning that Lanteria HR data will be updated based on the .csv file.
    That being done, the Data Source field will display. 
  5. The data source can be set to FTP (CSV) (.csv file on the FTP or FTPS server) or SFTP (CSV) (.csv file on the SFTP server). Upon selection, additional fields for entering the FTP or SFTP credentials will display. 
  6. Use the Error Notification Email to set mail address for sending notifications if any errors occur during the data synchronization.
  7. Select or clear the Active check box to switch the integration on or off, correspondingly.
  8. Under Data Source Settings, provide details for connecting to FTP/SFTP. Specify the name of the server where the .csv file will be taken from. Also, provide the user name and password for connecting to the server. 
  9. The port will be set to the default FTP/SFTP port, which can be modified, if required. 
  10. By default, the file will be taken from the route directory. To change this, provide path to the folder containing .csv in the Directory Path field.
  11. Next, specify the name of the .csv file the data must be taken from.
  12. In the CSV Delimiter field, provide the delimiter used in the .csv file.
  13. Use the Log Files Storage Duration Days field to select the period during which the log files will be stored on the server. 
  14. Click Save
FTP/SFTP must have permissions to create, delete and update files in the configured folder.

When a new integration has been saved, click Test in the Connection column to check connection with the server. You'll see the information message whether the connection has been established. Next, set up the data mapping for the current integration.

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