Company Holidays
  • 10 Apr 2023
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Company Holidays

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The company holiday dates are set up on the country level. They can be viewed and managed on the Company Holidays page located under Time & Attendance > Company Holidays.

Select a year to view the holidays for and click View. From this page, you can also add and edit the company holidays. 

To view the full list of holidays for all the years, go to Time and Attendance > Absence Lists > Company Holidays.

When an employee requests vacation for a period that includes a company holiday, the company holiday is not counted as a vacation day and is not deducted from the employee's holiday allowance.

Create Company Holiday

If you didn't choose to generate holidays using the Generate Holidays for Following Years check box, the public holidays must be created manually at the beginning of each year.

Follow these steps to add a company holiday:

  1. Go to Time and Attendance > Absence Lists > Company Holidays or Time & Attendance > Company Holidays and click Add Company Holiday or click the Register Company Holiday quick link in the Time & Attendance module menu.img004(4)
  2. The form for creating a new company holiday is displayed.img029(3)
  3. Enter the holiday name into the Title field.
  4. Enter the holiday date into the Date field.
  5. Use the Add button in the Countries field to add the countries where the holiday is celebrated.
    The country list is created in the Settings > Settings and Configuration > Core HR > Org Structure > Countries.
  6. If the holiday is relevant only for specific locations in the currently selected country(ies), specify these locations in the Only for Locations field.
  7. Select the holiday duration from the drop-down list in the Duration field. The available options are:
    • Full Day for the holidays that take a full day
    • AM for holidays that only take the first half of a day
    • PM for holidays that only take the second half of a day
  8. In the Only for Employees field, you can select specific employees, for which this holiday will be relevant. If you fill in this field, the selected countries and locations will not be taken into account.
  9. Select the Generate Holidays for Following Years check box to copy the current holiday for the next years. 
  10. Click Save.

Generate Company Holidays

The company holidays are created for a specific year, which means that new holidays must be added each year. The recurring holidays can be set up to be automatically replicated when a new year starts. To achieve this:

  • for such holidays, select the Generate Holidays for Following Years check box when creating or editing a holiday
  • specify for how many years the holiday will be created using the Years for Company Holiday Generation setting (Settings > Settings and Configuration > Time and Attendance > Advanced).

The holidays will be generated only if the Generate Holidays for Following Years check box is selected for the current year's holiday. Later on, if you change the current year's holiday based on which the holidays have been generated, the generated holidays will be updated accordingly. 

If you clear the Generate Holiday for Following Years check box for this year's holiday, the generated holidays will be deleted. 

All these updates (generating, updating and removing holidays) are performed by the Public Holiday Generation system job, which is scheduled to run overnight.

Please note that the holidays for the future years are copied with the Generate Holiday for Following Years check box selected, meaning that next year the holidays will be generated further.

Edit Company Holiday

The company holidays can be edited from the two places:

  • on the Company Holidays page (Time and Attendance > Company Holidays), click Edit
  • or on the Company Holidays list (Time and Attendance > Absence Lists > Company Holidays), click the three dots button and then Edit Item

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