Create Qualitative Goal
  • 24 May 2023
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Create Qualitative Goal

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Article Summary

Follow these steps to create a qualitative goal (a goal that is not measured by the quantitative indicators):

  1. Go to Performance > Goals > Company Goals
  2. Click the Add Goal button. 
  3. Enter the goal title into the Title field.
  4. Select the business area the goal is related to from the drop-down list in the Business Area field.
  5. Enter the date when the work on the goal is to start into the Start Date field.
  6. Enter the date when the goal is to be achieved into the Due Date field.
  7. Enter the relative importance of the goal, in percent, into the Weight field.
  8. Select the Is Active check box to activate the goal.
  9. Enter the goal description into the Description field.
  10. Make sure that the Is Quantitative check box is cleared.
  11. Enter the degree of goal completion into the Percent Complete field.
  12. Skip the fields that are related to quantitative goals.
  13. Select the organizational units for which  the goal is relevant in the Organizational Units field. When creating org unit goals, the org unit managers will be able to align them with this company goal.
  14. Click Save.

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