Deploy the Lanteria HR App for MS Teams
  • 07 Feb 2024
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Deploy the Lanteria HR App for MS Teams

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Article Summary

One of the features that the integration of Lanteria HR with Microsoft Teams provides is the Lanteria HR app for Microsoft Teams. This app provides Lanteria HR employees with the employee dashboard just like in Lanteria HR. For employees to be able to add the Lanteria HR app to their Microsoft Teams client, the app must be deployed in your environment first. 

To deploy the Lanteria HR app for Microsoft Teams

  1. Go to https://”your_tenant” where "your_tenant" is the name of your tenant that you use for Lanteria HR.
  2. In Apps, click Admin to open Microsoft 365 admin center
  3. In Admin centers, click SharePoint to open the SharePoint admin center.
  4. Select More features.
  5. Under Apps, click Open to open the apps.
  6. Select App Catalog.
  7. Click Apps for SharePoint.
  8.  Use this link to download the Lanteria HR app for MS Teams.
  9. Click Upload.
  10. In the dialog window, select the Make this solution available to all sites in the organization check box, and then click Deploy.
  11. To make the app available in Microsoft Teams, you have two options: 
    • Option 1 (preferable) - only for Administrators - On the Files tab, click the Sync to Teams button.
    • Option 2 (optional) - any user:
      • (1) Open the Microsoft Teams application.
      • (2) Click the Apps button.
      • (3) Click the Submit to app catalog button. 
      • (4) Click the Submit an app button.
      • (5) Select the archive file, which you can find inside the lanteria-hr.sppkg package, in the folder ClientSideAssets.
        If a regular user has added the Lanteria HR app, the administrator should approve it before for the app to become available. To do so, go to Microsoft 365 admin center > Teams > Teams Apps > Manage Apps > Pending approval.
  12.  If you want to be able to use the app in the personal app mode, you need to accept the requested permissions: go to to https://”your_tenant” > Advanced > API Access > give requested permissions
    • "Windows Azure Active Directory" - User.Read
    • "Microsoft Graph" - Files.Read, Files.Read.All, Sites.ReadWrite.All, Sites.Manage.All

      If you want to use the app only as a teams tab, you can skip the granting of these permissions.

Now the Lanteria HR app can be added to individual team members or member teams.

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