Job Categories
  • 28 Feb 2023
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Job Categories

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Job role categories are job roles united into groups. For example, categories can be Management, Sales, IT and so on. Job roles displayed in the Job Roles form found at Core HR > Jobs and Positions > Job Roles will be grouped by job role categories.


Follow these steps to create job role categories:

  1. Go to Settings > Settings and Configuration > Core HR.
  2. Click Org Structure in the left panel and click Edit next to the Job Categories setting name on the Advanced tab.
  3. The Job Category list will open in spreadsheet view where you can directly edit the information you need.img047(1)
  4. If a job category is to be included into the EEO report (Reports > Report Center > Core HR), open a category for editing and select the EEO Category check box.
    The EEO report is not available anymore. This check box can be ignored.

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