Upload Lanteria HR Users to LinkedIn
  • 02 Mar 2023
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Upload Lanteria HR Users to LinkedIn

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Article Summary

For the Lanteria HR users to be able to access the LinkedIn courses, the user list is to be downloaded from Lanteria HR and uploaded to LinkedIn. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. In Lanteria HR, navigate to Settings Settings and Configuration Integrations.
  2. Click LinkedIn Learning Integration.
  3. Next to Get .csv file with Users, click Download.
  4. An Excel file with the Lanteria HR users will be created. Please note that only users with the emails specified will be available in the file.
    The created file contains the following data:
    • preferred_first_name - employee first name
    • preferred_last_name - employee last name
    • primary_email_address - employee email
    • work_title - employee job role
    • Default_license_learning_proAllLanguages_status - active / inactive for active and terminated employees accordingly
    • group - learning groups from Lanteria HR (0 - if employee isn't a group member, 1 - if employee is a member of the corresponding group)
    • Please note that each learning group from Lanteria HR will be displayed as a separate column in the file.
  5. In the LinkedIn Learning Admin Account Center, click the Users tab.
  6. Click Add  new users.
  7. Select Add users by CSV from the dropdown list.
  8. Select your CSV file to upload from your computer. A banner will appear notifying about the successful upload.

If the user information is changed or new users are added to Lanteria HR, download the file with users and upload them to LinkedIn Learning following the steps above.

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