Approval Processes
  • 07 Mar 2024
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Approval Processes

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You can set up an approval process for any SharePoint list in Lanteria HR. There are two types of approval processes:

  • Status approval. In this case the item in the destination SharePoint list is created at the same time as the request and the list itself must have the Status field where approval workflow results are recorded.
    For example an absence approval process can go as follows:
    • An employee creates an absence request which initiates the approval workflow. At the moment of approval process initiation an absence request record is created and its status is Pending.
    • After all the workflow steps are completed the absence request status will be changed to either Approved or Rejected.
  • Content approval. In this case the item is created in the destination SharePoint list only if it is approved.
    For example, an employee termination can go as follows:
    • The HR manager creates an approval request for terminating an employee which initiates the termination approval workflow which creates a record in a temporary list without creating an actual termination record.
    • If the termination is approved, the actual termination record which will be used in the system is created.

Setting up approval processes of both types is done in two steps:

  1. Create an approval workflow.
  2. Set up an approval process based on the workflow.

An approval workflow is a sequence of steps that are to be performed to approve an item. Workflows are reusable, meaning that one workflow can be used for several approval processes. For example, if the workflow is the same for different types of absences, you can set up several processes that follow the same workflow, but have different lists as their destination. 

Also, you can use different workflows for the same process, depending on the approval request conditions. For example, if a business trip is for 1-3 days, it can be approved by employee's manager, if it is more than 3 days, another workflow can be used that triggers manager and then org unit manager approval.

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