Chat Bot
  • 25 Jan 2023
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Chat Bot

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Article Summary

Lanteria HR Chat Bot is a piece of software designed to simulate conversation with Lanteria HR users. In particular, this chat bot is designed to help users find relevant information in Lanteria HR Help Center.

To open the chat bot, select the ChatBot icon on any Lanteria HR page.


Type what you want to learn about or what Lanteria HR task you want to accomplish, and then press Enter.


Chat bot message tips

  1. In your message, focus on the concept you want to learn about or the task you need to perform.
  2. Avoid asking for specific details, such how to fill in a specific field or use a certain button. For specifics, try searching directly in Lanteria HR Help Center instead.
  3. Avoid asking about details regarding specific steps in a procedure or walk-through. For successful results, ask about the main goal of the procedure instead.
  4. If your search query didn’t return expected results, try rephrasing your question.

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