Create HelpDesk Request
  • 25 Oct 2023
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Create HelpDesk Request

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Article Summary

HelpDesk requests can be created in the Employee or in the HR role.

To create an HR HelpDesk request, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the HR HelpDesk:
    • In the Employee role menu, click My Details > HR HelpDesk. 
      By default, the HR HelpDesk menu item is disabled for the Employee role. Contact your Lanteria HR administrator or the Lanteria HR vendor for assistance with turning it on.
    • In the HR role, in the Dashboard window, click HR HelpDesk.
  2. Click Create Request.
  3. In the Title field, specify the request title.
  4. In the Priority field, select a priority you would like to assign to your request – Low, Normal or High.
  5. In the Due Date field, enter a date by which you would like your request to be completed.
  6. In the Category field, select a category the request belongs to. HelpDesk request categories are customizable.
  7. Optionally, in the Description, type a description of your request.
  8. Additionally, in the Notes field, you can type a note if necessary.
  9. Click Save to save the request.

You will be marked as the HelpDesk request initiator.

If the HelpDesk request category that you selected has a responsible person(s) assigned to it, that employee(s) will be assigned to be responsible for your request by default. This can be changed if necessary. If a HelpDesk request has multiple responsible persons assigned to it, any of them can process the request. 

Now, your request is ready to be processed.

You will get e-mails on the updates to your request. It will be available under My Requests.

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