• 16 Mar 2023
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Practicums allow splitting a development activity into several activities. When creating a course in the Learning Catalog, you can add practicums to this course. For each practicum, a document with task can be uploaded. An employee performs the task and uploads a document with the results. After the instructor checks the task, he or she enters the result into Lanteria HR. Results of all the practicums will comprise the general result of the learning material.


Currently the practicums can be used only for the learning materials of the classroom type (the Event Required check box must be selected).

The practicum setup and usage process is as follows:

  1. Create the Event Required learning material in the Learning Catalog.

  2. Add practicums to the created learning material.

  3. Schedule the training based on the created learning material.

  4. Assign employees to the scheduled training.

  5. Next, the employees download the practicum documents, complete the tasks and upload the results.

  6. The Training Manager checks the tasks and record the results for each practicum.

  7. The Total Score for the learning material is calculated based on the practicum results.  

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