Add eLearning Courses from Go1 to Learning Catalog
  • 03 Mar 2023
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Add eLearning Courses from Go1 to Learning Catalog

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Article Summary

Once you have enabled integration with Go1, you can search and select eLearning courses that will be automatically synchronized with Lanteria HR by the LHR - Go1 Synchronization system job and added to the Lanteria HR learning catalog. Also, you can manually initiate synchronization of courses at any time.

To add eLearning courses from Go1 to Lanteria HR learning catalog:

  1. In Lanteria HR, go to Settings > Settings and Configuration > Integrations > Go1 Integration.
  2. Log in to Go1 if you haven't done it yet.
  3. Select the Content tab to search for individual courses or the Playlists tab to search for playlists.
  4. In the search box, type a query to search for eLearning courses. Set filters if necessary.
  5. Select eLearning courses/playlists to be added to or removed from your library:
    • Click the Add to My Library icon next to a course you want to add to your library. Previously added courses are marked with the  icon.
    • To add multiple courses at once, select the check box next to the courses you want to add, and then click the Add selection to button.
    • Point to the  icon, and then click the Remove from My Library icon to remove a course from your library.
      Removing a course from your Go1 library doesn't delete the course from your Lanteria HR learning catalog if it was already synchronized; it only indicates that such a course won't be synchronized during next synchronization. Courses can be manually deleted from the learning catalog if necessary.
    • To add the whole collection of content and/or playlists to your library enable the Content and/or Playlists switch in the top right corner.
  6. To view your current Go1 library (courses that will be synchronized and added to Lanteria HR learning catalog), click the icon to expand the left pane, and then click My Library. The total number pf courses is shown next to it. Clicking Created by my portal will show courses that were added to your library by portal admins if any.
  7. Click the Synchronize Courses Now button to start the synchronization process now and add the selected courses from your Go1 library to your Lanteria HR learning catalog or update the previously added courses if necessary. Alternatively, you can wait until the courses are synchronized automatically by the LHR - Go1 Synchronization job (performed once a day at night).

After Go1 eLearning courses are synchronized with Lanteria HR learning catalog (Learning > Learning Catalog) under the Go1 Learning category. Employees can add them to their development plan and launch the corresponding development activities.

Decommissioned Learning Materials

Certain Go1 courses may become decommissioned, which means that employees won't be able to start such courses from their development plan. This usually happens due to a Go1's content provider deciding to retire the course. However, if an employee has already enrolled in a decommissioned course (started the course and hasn't completed it yet; the status of the course must be In Progress), they'll still have access to it for at least 60 days to complete the course.

During course synchronization, the LHR - Go1 Synchronization job also verifies whether there are any decommissioned courses and if any, the employees in the HR role will receive an email notification about the list of courses that have been decommissioned as of a certain date.

Such courses can be manually deleted from the learning catalog so that employees wouldn't try adding them to their development plan, because they won't be able to launch the decommissioned courses.

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